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Orlando Screening Fact Sheet & Faith in the Big House Short Synopsis

Orlando Screening Fact Sheet & Faith in the Big House Short Synopsis
Night of March 19th FACTS

Screening  At The Plaza At 8 PM O N Friday March 19th the first public sneak preview of  Faith In The Big House, shown in  Standard Definition Fine-Cut form, running at 85 Minutes. As an extra feature we will screen Turned Out: Sexual Assault Behind Bars at 10 PM also produced by Interlock Media and Directed by Jonathan Schwartz.

Portions of Faith were filmed in Orlando, and the Executive Producer of this Indy Doc is Orlando’s own Edward Poitras.
The final Release of faith will be HD Pro and will go through an on-line and mix to pix and be expanded to 88 mins.

Faith in the Big House

I. Brief Summary of Program:
The power of the growing prison ministry movement is put to the test as six Louisianian inmates struggle to break the cycle of incarceration. the late Orlando based  Bishop  Frank Constantino, a former mobster, serves up his prison to pulpit story as well. 

II.  Condensed Treatment

At th…

"Turned Out" in Orlando and Review from Susan Adams

From Susan Adams, Forbes,
Interlock Advisory Board

A surprisingly touching and revelatory film about a brutal subject: prison rape. After shooting for 100 hours inside 14 different correctional facilities, director Jonathan Schwartz and his crew honed in on the story of a handful of men at a cash-strapped Alabama prison called Limestone. The inmates describe the complex, conflicting emotions, ranging from brutality to tenderness and even love, that develop over time as they engage in a sex ring where prisoners are "turned out," and then traded for favors, cigarettes and snacks.

Mindy, a young blonde with a beautiful face, is haunting and sexy as he talks about how he developed feelings for Lamarck, the man who raped him. When Lamarck describes the excitement and thrill of overcoming his conquests, it is a window onto a disturbing, base element of human nature. The film also shows footage from a prison in Florida, including undercover shots of a warden attempting to rape an inma…