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A sneak preview of "Margaret Fuller: Evolution of a Utopianist From Parlor Conversationalist To War Correspondent" to be shown on Saturday, May 27. This film is being shown at Fuller’s birth home in Cambridge Massachusetts at a party titled “Presenting Margaret Fuller” in light of the 207th anniversary of Fuller’s birth (May 23) and the 115th of the house’s dedication as a settlement house.

“Faith In The Big House” Premieres On Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

US PREMIERE "Faith In the Big House"

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 “Faith in the Big House” US PREMIERE at the historic Fourth Presbyterian Church located on Chicago’s illustrious Magnificent Mile as part of the official selection of the (In)Justice For All Film Festival.

The (In)Justice For All Film Festival
Arriving at the height of mass incarceration in the United States, the (In)Justice For All Film Festival came equipped with an arsenal of information to confront failing police policies, jam-packed prisons, and rampant racism in our criminal justice system. The Festival is as much a tribute to the power of the camera as it is a challenge to authority. Its organization comes at a time when the camera has become an ubiquitous and effective tool at challenging misconduct and ineffective policing. Interlock Media is deeply honored to have contributed to this significant event. We would like to highlight the tremendous efforts put forth by the festival organizers and filmmakers w…