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Showing posts from April, 2012

Bidding for Good

Interlock Media is pleased to announce our upcoming fundraiser with auction partner Bid For Good. All proceeds will support meaningful projects, such as Faith in the Big House and Sustainable Industries TV. Consider being generous—the world is burning.

Faith in the Big House Gets Distributed

At long last, our editors have finished work on Faith in the Big House. Our Director Jonathan has just returned from Louisiana, where he met with folks at Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) to lay groundwork for the film’s anticipated screening on LPB this spring. The documentary will then be aired on other public broadcasting stations, as well as at domestic and international film festivals. On the same trip, Faith in the Big House was screened at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center for 1,000 inmates and then at the Sheraton for former inmates. Interlock was gratified and astounded at the reception and commentary offered by current inmates and those in the free world.

A Darker Shade of Green

Focusing on the work of zoologist Harold J. Coolidge, Jr., The Extraordinary Passage of the Great White Hunter investigates how antiquated conceptions of ethnicity and eugenics stained early progress of the conservationist movement. The historical documentary will feature both archive footage and modern work from the areas in which Coolidge researched.

Grass Shoots

Several of our projects aim to increase the accessibility of the conservationist movement. We continue to produce promotional media for Charles River Canoe and Kayak, located just down the street from our main office. Their programs helping to get Bostonians outside and invested in the well-being of their local bodies of water. Our editors are also forging ahead with the pilot episode of Sustainable Industry Television. The special documents the ways in which the Georgia-based innovators at InterfaceFLOR have revolutionized the carpeting industry.

Creating Solutions Outside the Camera

We at Interlock are committed to driving change in multiple media. Our in-house artist and web design guru is polishing a smartphone app (under the banner of Universal EcoLabel) that will monitor users’ personal environmental footprints. Dedicated individuals will always comprise the roots of the global sustainability movement.