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Sustainable Industries Television SITV

Interlock's film crew just returned from a shoot for SITV's pilot episode at InterfaceFLOR, a carpet manufacturer in LaGrange, GA. We went in to investigate their claims of sustainable business and we must say we were impressed. InterfaceFLOR has taken a historically toxic industry and cleaned it up with some heady philosophies and some practical technology.

We'd like to send a warm thanks the employees working at the reclamation and manufacturing plants who welcomed us with some honest to goodness Southern hospitality.

The pilot is now in the editing room being cut for marketing as we seek to add a conservationist flavor to the "How it's done/ How it's made" genre of reality TV.

Who will be next to come under the great investigative eye of Interlock Media?

Spring 2011 Updates

Having Faith

This anthropologically-informed social comment on the tug of war between secular and faith-based rehab in America’s prisons is now in picture lock. We were lucky enough last week to house a brilliant Nucoda Film Master, one of a handful of high end systems that color corrects footage and much more to give films their polished look. We will be using these systems to color grade Faith in the Big House.

Editing “ExPass”

Our crew of 3 editors is plugging away in the A suite, cutting ExPass and working towards an editing script with the recent collaboration of Eleanor Beaton, who spent a decade working with George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound.

SITV: Enterprise and the Environment

Interlock will soon be shooting a pilot episode of “Sustainable Industrial TV” (SITV). The pilot will be shot at Ray Anderson’s Interface Flor, a recycled carpet producer headquartered in Lagrange, Georgia. The “how-to” format show will feature a pair of comedic hosts and a “green” scoreboard to rate Interf…