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Spring 2011 Updates

Having Faith

This anthropologically-informed social comment on the tug of war between secular and faith-based rehab in America’s prisons is now in picture lock. We were lucky enough last week to house a brilliant Nucoda Film Master, one of a handful of high end systems that color corrects footage and much more to give films their polished look. We will be using these systems to color grade Faith in the Big House.

Editing “ExPass”

Our crew of 3 editors is plugging away in the A suite, cutting ExPass and working towards an editing script with the recent collaboration of Eleanor Beaton, who spent a decade working with George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound.

SITV: Enterprise and the Environment

Interlock will soon be shooting a pilot episode of “Sustainable Industrial TV” (SITV). The pilot will be shot at Ray Anderson’s Interface Flor, a recycled carpet producer headquartered in Lagrange, Georgia. The “how-to” format show will feature a pair of comedic hosts and a “green” scoreboard to rate Interface against other companies.

The Urban Waterway

Charles River Recreation (CCR) offers affordable outdoor activities on the historic Charles River for busy city and metro dwellers. Interlock’s video will capture the natural beauty of the Charles and feature the efforts of CRR to make its resources available to persons with disabilities and to inner city youth.

Other developments... We are in the start up phase of “Tell Tale Signs,” a project from Board member Neil Smith. The 30-minute online weekly TV program will focus on corporate responsibility and sustainability. Smith and co-host Elsie Maio will provide candid, provocative commentary on domestic and global business, as they analyze what companies say and actually do for the environment and the communities in which they operate.


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Is the Climate Fight Over? Reflections from Author Wen Stephenson - Climate Media Engine

Is the Climate Fight Over? Reflections from Author Wen Stephenson (Short) - Climate Media Engine from Interlock Media on Vimeo.

Is the Climate Fight Over? Reflections from Author Wen Stephenson - Climate Media Engine from Interlock Media on Vimeo.

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Climate change is a fact. Have we made as much progress as we thought? Will the Paris Accords hold? Is climate change at the root of the Syrian conflict and the refugee crisis?  Is Secretary of State (and former ExxonMobil CEO) Rex Tillerson actually the moderating influence on Trump Administration climate change deniers like EPA head Scott Pruitt? Is radical activism the answer or is it simply too late? In this incisive interview, author and journalist Wen Stephenson investigates new twists in the Trump era on climate change and the repercussions for democracy…

“Faith In The Big House” Premieres On Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

US PREMIERE "Faith In the Big House"

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 “Faith in the Big House” US PREMIERE at the historic Fourth Presbyterian Church located on Chicago’s illustrious Magnificent Mile as part of the official selection of the (In)Justice For All Film Festival.

The (In)Justice For All Film Festival
Arriving at the height of mass incarceration in the United States, the (In)Justice For All Film Festival came equipped with an arsenal of information to confront failing police policies, jam-packed prisons, and rampant racism in our criminal justice system. The Festival is as much a tribute to the power of the camera as it is a challenge to authority. Its organization comes at a time when the camera has become an ubiquitous and effective tool at challenging misconduct and ineffective policing. Interlock Media is deeply honored to have contributed to this significant event. We would like to highlight the tremendous efforts put forth by the festival organizers and filmmakers w…

Thursday, April 21, Interview with Helena Fruscio, Creative Economy Industry Director Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, Beacon Hill

(Each photo has its caption above it)

Interlock Media film crew setting up interview. (from left: Ken Kinna, Helena Fruscio)

Ms. Fuscio explaining her current market research project collecting "innovative economy" data from around the state. 

The state is broken down into regions and color coded by venue, event, institution, or contact creating a diverse idea board for program development as funding becomes available.