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News from the Edit Bay

We are proud to announce the release of our most recent film, “Faith in the Big House”, to NETA / PBS! Stay tuned for more announcements, but it will air on select PBS stations starting November 25, 2014. Here’s the synopsis: At a maximum security prison farm in Louisiana, a group of Christian evangelicals conduct a carefully-scripted religious retreat.Five felons, misfits handpicked by the Warden, join other inmates in this "Encounter with Christ".
Can religion keep convicts from almost inevitably returning to lock-up?

People’s Climate March

On September 21st, 2014 the largest gathering of climate change supporters descended on New York City. 400,000 bodies marched from central park to the lower west side protesting against greenhouse gas emitting industry. Interlock’s director Jonathan Schwartz and Toronto-based videographer/photographer Caitlin McManus took hundreds of pictures for Thomas Watkins, who was heading up the UN’s press effort that day, starting at dawn with the caucus of indigenous peoples. Watkins, who has traveled as a reporter for Interlock and was a top newsman at CNN for fifteen years, interviewed marchers from all backgrounds, trying to understand why they were marching and what they wanted this march to accomplish. Check out a couple of images from the march below!


The pilot for Interlock's new mini series, Sustainable Industry Television, is just about ready for primetime! We look at the greenest manufacturing companies in America, many of whom have had charismatic leaders, and the tremendous amount of self scrutiny it takes to effectively lower their carbon footprint. For the first program, we travel to the manufacturing headquarters of InterfaceFLOR, the world's largest producer of commercial carpet tile. Spearheaded by the late great visionary Ray Anderson, who appeared in the film “The Corporation”, Interface changed its business model on the single idea that you can help fight climate change by making carpet out of carpet. This green endeavor, known as “Mission Zero”, has the ultimate goal of completely erasing the company’s carbon footprint by the year 2020. How close are they to success, and will they be able to get there without Anderson at the helm?