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Recent News for 2010

Special thanks to Anna Lockwood for hosting Interlock’s Board of Directors Summer Summit on the banks of the Merrimack in Newburyport.

Lockwood’s lovely home shouldn’t fool you. For years she slept in tents, for months at a time, making blue-chip natural history films on tigers and monsoons prior to her post as Senior Manager, Professional Services Consulting, for the Americas at Avid.

In other recent news, Faith in the Big House had it’s first pre-release screening at a high tech cinema in Orlando. The feedback was invaluable; we’ve been in the cutting room since.

The piece is tantalizingly close to “ picture lock”, and the final soundtrack for Big House is being prepared by Frank Cunningham, a master PBS-WGBH re-mixer,and we’re moving into the very last scene tweaks and engineering. Many thanks to Board Members Peter Reilly and the Dumonds for their special help and encouragement.

The astounding, and intertwined paths of nineteenth century critic/ feminist Margaret Fuller and abolition…