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Sea Change

Jonathan Schwartz, Director of Interlock Media, has recently returned from the Pihilippine village of Anilao. It is located three hours south of Manila, carved into the hillside outside of the port town of Batangas.


Jonathan was conducting research on an area called the Sula-Sulawesi Seascape for an intended Interlock Series. The series will concern oceans and coastal folkways, highlighting positive local responses to issues such as overfishing, pollution, and climate change.

Despite its proximity to coastal industries, Sulawesi one the most biologically diverse areas of the world and home to radically innovative marine science. Massive efforts are underway to place the stewardship of bays and reefs into the hands of local fisherman and village leadership: a banner story that begs to be told.

Romeo Trono, dynamic Executive Director of Conservation International in the Philippines, does a phenomenal job in the ecological hotspot they call the Coral Triangle. His te…