Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thursday, April 21, Interview with President of the Senate, Stan Rosenberg State House, Beacon Hill

             (Each photo has its caption above it)

                                           State House, Beacon Hill 

Gold dome over Senate, Beacon Hill

House of Representatives, Beacon Hill

Massachusetts Senate, Beacon Hill

Interlock Media film crew setting up for Senator Rosenberg's interview in the Office of the President. (from left Ryan Ledoux, Andrew Moalli)

Senator Rosenberg (left) and Greenworks board member Alec McLeod (right) talk about the the collaborative movement and the state's position of funding projects that assist developing a creative economy. 

Senator Rosenberg explains the current bills that have been submitted to Governor Baker which will fund innovation initiatives throughout the entire state. 

Greenworks board member, Alec McLeod interviewing Senator Rosenberg for an upcoming documentary about need for economic stimulation rural communities. 

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